Home automation has a great future in India.

  •   By 2022, the Indian home automation industry will be worth Rs. 30,000 Cr
  •   India is home to a huge construction industry. In a city like Mumbai, where construction never stops, home automation is catching up very fast.
  •   Home automation companies are focusing on robust product development.
  •   This will generate a lot of future for home automation. It will also create a lot of ‘big data’, which will be consumed by taking consumer patterns and designing bespoke requirements for a city, ward or house.
  •   We will all soon be living in an assisted environment. Like augmented reality, we will soon enter ‘assisted reality’, which will have the effect of reducing our need to complete mundane tasks. Devices such as Google Home and Amazon’s Alexa are the latest voice-controlled devices making home automation more attractive than ever.
  •   The availability of automated systems that can be operated over high-speed Wi-Fi with a powerful smartphone is ubiquitous, and the growing popularity of Internet-connectable gadgets is driving market growth. Moreover, reduced energy consumption and the availability of a broad range of products is anticipated to boost the home automation market in the years to come.
  •   India is a prospering nation with an annual growth rate exceeding 7 percent There is an ever-increasing income rate among at least the upper half of all wager-earners, and the consumerism bug has bitten the Indians. Now, in the large cities, a 3 BHK flat costs an average of Rs 2 Crore, and one can expect to spend an additional Rs 20 lakh on furnishings. New home buyers will not mind spending a few more lakhs to make theirs a smart home. Home automation has come to stay and grow in India.

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